Sunday, August 6, 2017

Convert .PFX file to .cer file

In this logs I will show that how to convert .pfx file to .cer file. In order to do that you should have a .pfx file which I have taken it from Microsoft CRM where this certificate has been installed.

    • Search “internet option” in start and open it.

    • Click on the Content tab

    • Click on the Certificate Button

    • Click on Import button and click Next

    • Select .pfx file

    • Click Open and OK.
    In above steps we have successfully imported the .pfx file and now need to covert it to .cer file.

    • Follow the same steps above and reach to the certificate location.

    • Select certificate and click on export
    • Click Next and again click next in next screen

    • Click Next
    • Give the file name and the location and save it.
    Now in next blog we will see how to install this certificate in WSO2 ESB in order to connect to CRM services.