Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to apply Caching in WSO2 DSS

There is very easy way to apply caching in WSO2 DSS using console UI. Whenever we create a data service which interacts with the database and if we realize that database is not being change very frequently then Caching can be used. We have to set caching time in this UI configuration by which request will not go to database each time (within the caching time), this way we can optimize our solution and reduce the response time of the service as well.

In this blog we will set a caching in a data service which has been created with Mysql database which fetches the employee data from the database. If you have to see that how this service is created then go to my first DSS Blog.

Here is the list of different service but we have to put caching only in empDetail data service. To apply caching click on this service, it will open below page.

Again click on this empDetail service, it will redirect to you below page.

In this page there are different option but you have to choose Response Caching option, once you click this you will be rediredted to below page.

There is a drop down button in which you have to choose ‘Yes’ to enable cache. After selecting YES, it will go to below page.

In this page basically, you have to put caching time and maximum caching size on number and other details as well. You can set this time to 1 hour, 1 day as required.

Click on finish button to enable caching.

One caching is enabled above page will pop up with successful message.
If you restart the server then the first hit will go to the database and first hit’s data will be cached and DSS will be reusing this data until caching time gets expired then again it follow the same process.

Make sure whenever you apply caching, restart your DSS server for the best practice.